Welcome adventurous reader! Follow me to a high from which you will never come down. It is free, legal, and the only side effect is ecstasy!

Chasing the High offers support for you who have had enough of your own suffering as well as the world’s. Here is guidance for those brave and fearless enough to face themselves, life and death with honorable inquiry — a map for you who are deeply longing for eternal peace and joy. Essentially this book is about awakening — recognizing what we are and who we never were. If you are new to the spiritual path, this book can help you find your way through this jungle of pitfalls, and if you have been meditating for a long time but are still not awake to your True Nature, Chasing the High blows new vitality, hope and enthusiasm back into your practice. Or if you had an awakening but are feeling a little lost and confused, you will learn how to walk through an ego-dense culture without losing your newfound groundless ground.

As we mature spiritually, many changes take place within us and, consequently, around us. This guide helps you make sense of the daunting transformation of awakening. Chasing the High addresses how to shake ego, disappointments, and suffering; how to meditate; why our obsession with getting high on life and drugs is actually holding us back from rapture; what makes an awakening slip away; what life, death, and love are; and how psychedelics can be helpful in finding the Ultimate Reality. Writing Chasing the High has helped me clarify and deepen my own seeing, and it is my sincere wish that reading it does the same for you. Be done with the separation that keeps you searching for the Supreme Being. Become a clear channel for the Absolute, so that Light, wisdom, Love, peace and joy can flow through you.

Please note – this is not a manual on how to recover from an addiction. However, if you suffer from dependency, already have professional support, and are on your way to restoring health, this book can be a lovely companion along the way.