Reader Views Literary Award

Body / Mind / Spirit Honorable Mention 2014 / 2015

“Chasing the High – And the Ecstasy of Coming Down” by Nalin Kotari is an enlightening book about life and ego and truth. The author breaks down different aspects of life, including love, pain, death, ego, and healing and meditation, among other topics. Ms. Kotari presents a real and honest look at people and life, and how we can bring more ecstasies and highs to our personal lives through honesty and truth seeking …. click to read full review.

Writers Digest Award

November 2015 23rd Annual Book Award

Excellent cover, with the swirl of color conveying an altered state.

Structure is done well, with topics flowing naturally. Author shows great expertise with the topic, explaining stages that are not always shared in a book of this nature, namely the stage where everything seems to be going well–and author’s handling of this stage is excellent. Written in a very supportive and relatable voice. Well done.

Break up long paragraphs to allow some breathing room for the reader. This happens on page 2, very early for the blockiness to slow down any pace progression, and happens also throughout the book. Some shorter paragraphs in a long exposition would be excellent.

Author provides useful points of connection, such as “to help yourself realize,” which is gentle and guiding for the longing soul exploring this book. Well done.

Excellent quote on page 75.

The Pitfalls chapter is especially strong and among the most useful, standout sections of this book. Readers will certainly embrace many of these and be well guided. Well done. Weeding our Garden is also a standout portion of the book, written especially well and relatably, with good cadence, the breaks of poetry inspiring, and the author’s smooth writing voice creating a nice path through the inspirations of this book.

Robert J. Barnhart

Board member: The Heffter Research Institute and The Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

“The freedom and joy we desire is already within us. Any method to realize this experience may become a habit or addiction itself, defeating the original goal. In Chasing The High, Nalin Kotari gives us brilliant instruction on how we can rest in our own inherent eternal perfection.”

Michael Hynes

Senior Instructor Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong Musician and Mastering engineer.

Chasing the High addresses many common traps one will encounter on the path to wholeness. Nalin Kotari uncovers the fragmentation of the Western mind and shows how the ego can run the show with multiple defense patterns. Through personal experience and practical strategies the author prepares the reader on how to traverse the joyful and sometimes painful experience of coming into awareness of what they are. Chasing the High eases the cognitive dissonance that many experience in modern life between the longing for the Divine and the materialist world we currently dwell in.

Dr. Jason Orowitz

Chiropractor & Owner at Sol Chiropractic

“This book is a concise and thorough guide to your path toward Awakening. It is full of great information while speaking with a down to earth tone that is accessible to all, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just stumbling onto your path. It is written in a humbling way that nurtures you from chapter to chapter. I felt enlivened and rejuvenated from cover to cover!”

Richard Grossman

L.Ac, O.M.D., Ph.D

“I usually avoid self-help books finding most to be of little value. So I felt some trepidation when I was asked to write a foreword to Chasing the High. I put off reading it for some time, which was a mistake. Chasing the high was one of the very few books in the genre that I didn’t stop reading after a few pages with a reaction of “oy veh, this is more spiritual goobledlygook”. Nalin Kotari has done a remarkable job in demystifying the mystic. From the use of meditation to the always tricky use of entheogens, she speaks, obviously, from the perspective of one who has done the work – in depth. This is a book I will have no hesitancy in recommending to all who find that in life, they feel the need to chase the high, and especially for those who wish to achieve it – in wisdom and in Truth.”

Ali Hoffmaster

PA-C., RYT-500., CMTA

“Nalin Kotari has created a beautiful treasure for the genuine seeker of true health – guiding you to an awakened whole being.”