About The Author

Hanneh-5380Childhood was a magical time, but far from easy. I was raised by parents who had no religion and no spiritual practice whatsoever. I felt lost and without ground. In my early teens, I constructed my own religion — I decided I believed in Truth, and my practice consisted of looking for Truth in absolutely everything. I questioned every single thought, emotion, sensation, action, reaction, interaction, and situation. In the beginning I was not always successful in discerning Truth, and sometimes I was not sincere. But I faced my dishonesty, and as time went on I was able to recognize Truth more often and I chose Truth — in every circumstance — at any expense.

I have always had amazing friends. But I am also a loner. Until my early thirties I spent many hours each day untangling my conditioning, facing my shadows, and contemplating the Universe. For twenty years, I was lucky to make a living in a profession I love. I also had a wonderful twelve-year-long marriage, and I have two awesome children.

After an amicable divorce, I was launched onto an extraordinarily difficult and dark solo journey. During this time, loneliness and depression were my biggest challenges, but at the same time also my most important guides. I played around with alcohol; emotionally, I was barely keeping my head above the surface. I was a wreck for about six years. What kept me going was my obligation to be available to my children and my desperate longing to find the Ultimate Truth.

Fall of 2012 — at the feet of one of my teachers; Mooji, my search finally came to an end. I saw what I am. What we all are. I was surprised at the simplicity of the seeing, and immensely euphoric after having found that for which I had been passionately yearning for nearly forty years. What followed felt like one long and huge exhale that lasted for almost an entire year. Slowly the ecstatic bliss was replaced by a stable and peaceful joy. An inexhaustible harmony, a rapture untouched by and beyond the ups and downs of life. I continued to be tested, and I am still being tested, but from the seat of Source, the resuming inner revolution is much easier, remarkably balanced, and actually exciting.

Six months after my initial awakening, an undeniable urge to write this book came. Chasing the High is a product born from pure elation and gratitude. It is a sincere impulse to give back and help you awaken to your Divine Eternal Self.

Namaste, Nalin